Hiking along Dingli Cliffs

by Anastasiia Linnas on March 10, 2015, one comment

On the map

Dingli on the map

Although Malta is quite a small island – there are plenty of things to see and to do. You would definitely enjoy hiking along the most picturesque sites of Malta! Here is a photo-story about one of such places – Dingli Cliffs.

The pictures were taken along this road:

Hiking path

Hiking path



  • Getting around – take bus № 202 from San Giljan/ Sliema/ Msida/ Univercity or № 201 from the Airport. See time tables here.
  • You might want to check out other attractions in Dingli area – check a Local Council homepage for information.
  • There is a nice caffe/restaurant “Cliffs” with a sea view – great place to “charge your batteries” after/before hiking. Unfortunately it doesn’t serve food all day long and it’s closed on Tuesdays. For opening hours check out yellow pages.

Odessa in the eye of beholder

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Panoramic view

Panoramic view

Odessa is my home city and I love it because and despite of everything. It has interesting history, beautiful architecture, amazing sea, jaw dropping bazaars and unforgettable people!

Unfortunately because of the situation in Ukraine it is not prospering now and people are mostly thinking about survival rather than happy living. But those times will end and I believe it will be viable and more beautiful than ever.

When you are living in a city, you kind off get used to everything and don’t see your home as unique – but it certainly is. Being away for years I started looking at my city in a different way, I recognise its problems, but moreover I see its beauty and charm.

Odessa city centre was designed by Italian and French architects 100-130 years ago and sometimes it reminds me of Paris in miniature. There are modern buildings in the city centre as well, unfortunately not always it is possible to preserve the style…

In between beautiful old buildings and modern structures one can find not so pretty, but nevertheless authentic sights of Odessa

Near my house in Odessa there is a famous (may be not as famous as Privoz though, but much cleaner) “New market” – classic bazaar, where you can find absolutely anything. After small shops in Malta it seemed so huge for me with such variety of fruits, veggies and meat even in winter! In terms of selection and prices it’s much better than lots of supermarkets and definitely it gives you a true experience of local culture 😉

I made photos for this blog in February, but Odessa is even more beautiful from May till October and there is much more activities as well. So if you ever get a chance to visit Odessa – do not hesitate! You can always ask me about tickets/hotels/getting around/to do-s and to see-s in the comments 😉

How to find an apartment for long term rent in Malta

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Long Lets in Malta


Once you’ve decided to stay in Malta for a bit longer than usual holiday time, you might think of finding an apartment for Long let. In this article I’ll write about:

  • agencies and
  • other options

FYI : Long term rent in Malta is starting from 6 month. Best time for searching for Long lets is a low-season, i.e. October-March.

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The best way to get to Malta

by Anastasiia Linnas on January 8, 2015, 2 comments

In the clouds

Rainy season

For sure the quickest way to get to Malta is by plane. There are various airlines flying to Malta, however one needs to spend some time on search of the best prices and dates.

In winter season unfortunately there are less options – a lot of airlines, for example, Air Baltic do not fly to Malta from October till April, or have not regular flights.

First thing you wanna do to find good tickets – check aggregator sites. I won’t recommend Skyscanner, as it doesn’t show low-costs and quite often I wasn’t able to find good deals there. However Momondo works pretty well and has helped us out several times (BTW: check momondo for one-way flights, it’ll give you better options than carrier own web-pages)

So, what are your options?

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Winter in Malta : dilemmas

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Yacht in Ta' Xbiex

Yacht in Ta’ Xbiex, December

or What should one know when visiting Malta in December

May be it shouldn’t have come as a surprise for me, but I just wasn’t thinking about those details when we decided to try living in Malta. It is December here, and I come across some problems which are very different from the “how to survive in -27°C” type I’m used to. However, I suppose my new problems are more of a “nice to have” kind :)

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Christmas in Tallinn

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While December in Malta looks like this…

Good weather in December

Good weather in December


I would like to continue creating Christmas mood by publishing one more photo gallery, this time it’s Christmas in Tallinn (2012-2014).


Nostalgia: Christmas in Sweden

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Don’t know how Christmas and New Year’s Eve will pass this year for us here in Malta. It is +15 today…and I’m feeling nostalgic.

So here are some photos from our wonderful time in Sweden which is really fairy tale like during Christmas. Hope they’ll contribute to holiday feeling.

Likes & Dislikes (part 1)

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2 month – that’s not enough time to deeply feel and understand the country, but it’s enough for tourism-euphoria to weaken. That’s the time when you start noticing stuff and behavioural patterns. You understand whether your “love from the first sight” can last, or are there any deal breakers. However, by the end of the day – it’s what you are focusing on that counts.

Me like it…

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Funny signs

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There are very many signs in Malta, however usually they are ignored by public :) I think some of them are pretty funny. Will be updating the gallery once I come along with more of those.