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Odessa in the eye of beholder

by Anastasiia Linnas on February 18, 2015, no comments

Panoramic view

Panoramic view

Odessa is my home city and I love it because and despite of everything. It has interesting history, beautiful architecture, amazing sea, jaw dropping bazaars and unforgettable people!

Unfortunately because of the situation in Ukraine it is not prospering now and people are mostly thinking about survival rather than happy living. But those times will end and I believe it will be viable and more beautiful than ever.

When you are living in a city, you kind off get used to everything and don’t see your home as unique – but it certainly is. Being away for years I started looking at my city in a different way, I recognise its problems, but moreover I see its beauty and charm.

Odessa city centre was designed by Italian and French architects 100-130 years ago and sometimes it reminds me of Paris in miniature. There are modern buildings in the city centre as well, unfortunately not always it is possible to preserve the style…

In between beautiful old buildings and modern structures one can find not so pretty, but nevertheless authentic sights of Odessa

Near my house in Odessa there is a famous (may be not as famous as Privoz though, but much cleaner) “New market” – classic bazaar, where you can find absolutely anything. After small shops in Malta it seemed so huge for me with such variety of fruits, veggies and meat even in winter! In terms of selection and prices it’s much better than lots of supermarkets and definitely it gives you a true experience of local culture 😉

I made photos for this blog in February, but Odessa is even more beautiful from May till October and there is much more activities as well. So if you ever get a chance to visit Odessa – do not hesitate! You can always ask me about tickets/hotels/getting around/to do-s and to see-s in the comments 😉

Christmas in Tallinn

by Anastasiia Linnas on December 15, 2014, no comments

While December in Malta looks like this…

Good weather in December

Good weather in December


I would like to continue creating Christmas mood by publishing one more photo gallery, this time it’s Christmas in Tallinn (2012-2014).


Nostalgia: Christmas in Sweden

by Anastasiia Linnas on December 11, 2014, no comments

Don’t know how Christmas and New Year’s Eve will pass this year for us here in Malta. It is +15 today…and I’m feeling nostalgic.

So here are some photos from our wonderful time in Sweden which is really fairy tale like during Christmas. Hope they’ll contribute to holiday feeling.

Positive psychology as Advocacy to religion

by Anastasiia Linnas on November 24, 2014, no comments


I was never a religious person and since school my perception of religion was that this is a way of controlling/managing/ruling people. I did realise that this is unbelievably effective and smart way that gave opportunity to educate and bring society to the next level. But recently I started seeing that religion does much more than that – it helps people to stay psychologically stable and cope with the world around them. It also makes people happier – and that’s what this article is about.

I believe, you’ve heard about Positive psychology – a science of happiness. On top of theories and experiments it offers tools and methods for embracing the state of happiness, but turns out – it’s nothing new. A lot of the tools are present in various religions’ dogmas; the only thing is – now their effectiveness is scientifically proven. I’ll give you an example:


Напиши мне длинное письмо…

by Anastasiia Linnas on March 23, 2013, no comments

Напиши мне длинное письмо
Расскажи как жизнь и как погода
От тебя не слышала давно
Не встречались мы как будто уж 2 года

Снег и ветер – холодно у нас
Впрочем, так бывает каждою весною
Солнце может выглянет на час
Так что я тебе немножечко поною…

Жаль нельзя, так просто без причины
Рано утром взять и позвонить
Вытащить тебе на капучино
Тирамису на двоих делить
Сесть за лучший столик у оконца
Обо всем на свете поболтать
Выловить из тучи лучик солнца
Щуриться и нос позагорать

Напиши мне длинное письмо
Расскажи как жизнь и как погода
От тебя не слышала давно…

(с) Анастасия Линнас