Why do Estonians choose Malta?

by Anastasiia Linnas on July 5, 2015, no comments

(Written for and published on Estonian World, 18.05.2015)

With its 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Malta should sound like a heaven for Estonians, shouldn’t it? We asked the local Estonian community about the pros and cons of living on this tiny Mediterranean island.

If you search Malta online, all these beautiful pictures and postcards pop-up straight away. You might not believe that, in real life, Malta looks the same, but it does – the water is as azure and pure as it can get, the old cities of Medina, Rabat and Valletta look like decor left from medieval movie set and the cliffs are unapproachable but nevertheless picturesque. The shower of sunlight charges your batteries in no time.

But are those only reasons why Estonians choose to stay in Malta?


Estonian start-up mafia

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When my friends from Life as an investment asked to write about three hottest start-ups in Estonia I found myself quite puzzled, as not 3 but 33 of them came into my mind at once (my Mac actually froze after opening their home pages).

During the last 10 years Estonia has managed to build a strong ecosystem for start-ups. The most significant role here probably was played by Skype. Today, the most successful start-ups in Estonia are f/o/unded by the so called “Skype mafia”.

So, I did my best to come up with a list of three that IMHO, fit into the Life as an Investment philosophy.


Christmas in Tallinn

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While December in Malta looks like this…

Good weather in December

Good weather in December


I would like to continue creating Christmas mood by publishing one more photo gallery, this time it’s Christmas in Tallinn (2012-2014).


Разъединяющая интеграция

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Стоит ли заказывать реквием своей мечте?

Возможно, это не совсем актуальный пост для тех кто жил, живет и продолжит жить в Украине, но все же.

За свою, пока еще не очень долгую, жизнь мне пришлось несколько раз поменять страну проживания: сначала переехать из Украины в Эстонию, а потом в Швецию. Несмотря на то, что я не считаю себя иммигрантом, довелось мне наблюдать за..,  читать о.. и участвовать в… интеграционных инициативах вышеупомянутых государств.