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Some useful tips for those, who want to visit Malta or may be live here.

What to wear in Malta in…?

by Anastasiia Linnas on September 11, 2016, no comments

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What is the weather in Malta now? What should I wear and take with me? – one of the first questions my friends usually ask me before coming to Malta. Although for summer months the most frequent question is – how hot is it?

In this blog I’ll try to answer these questions and show some of our with Andy standard outfits for different seasons.

Let’s start from winter.


In Malta there are actually only 2 seasons – Summer (June to October) and Winter (November till May). Buses, ferries and restaurants’ schedules and opening hours usually depend on these 2 seasons.

November is the first winter month in Malta, but could one actually call it winter? One coming from Northern Europe probably couldn’t. Actually November in Malta can be even much more pleasant than June or August in Sweden, or Estonia.

What is good to know is that – winter season here, means rainy season. So if you decide to come to Malta in “winter”, better have your rain jacket with you.


One of the keys is to have several layers, because the weather changes during the day. In the evening Andy would always have a light sweater or pullover and a scarf on top of shirt with long sleeve and jeans or trousers.

Unless you are very unlucky – you would be able to enjoy nice beach weather in November in Malta. There might be several rainy-windy days in a row, but in the end there comes the sun.


Where to find healthy food in Malta?

by Anastasiia Linnas on January 18, 2016, 3 comments

On this small island of pizza, pasta and Maltese sausage at some point one would crave for some tasty, fresh, juicy and healthy food – but where to find healthy, vegetarian, light food in Malta? Although, Malta is a Mediterranean country in a close proximity to Greece and Italy, you won’t find abundance of salads and fruits here. Actually, salad is something very uncommon for Maltese food culture and it seems that a lot of places keep salads (mix of salad leaves, tomato and cucumber with olive oil) in their menus just for tourists.

Here are some tips on where to find healthy food in Malta.

1. Tourists favourite cafe Mint in Sliema.

This small cafe just near waterfront promenade in Sliema is one the favourite places of tourists and expats. Good location, fast internet, cozy atmosphere and what is even more important – fresh homemade food.

One can find here variety of original salads with pear and blue cheese, or pumpkin and almonds, or quinoa salad. Tasty baguette, quiche, or porridge for breakfast; quinoa, sweet potato, or spinach kotlet (cutlet?) for lunch. Cafe Mint has also good selection of fresh juices (detox, power boost etc), very good coffee (that surprisingly enough is hard to find in Malta as well) and yummy desserts (incl Mint special carrot cake).

2. Soul food cafe in Valletta

This small cafe in the middle of Valletta offers some good vegetarian burgers and panini, as well as salads, fresh juices, soups and pasta.

They have a cozy room upstairs in addition to tables outside and wifi is quite good here as well.


Malta Aquarium – a good choice for enjoying couple of hours

by Anastasiia Linnas on August 30, 2015, no comments

(Don’t read this blog if you are planning to go and see Malta Aquarium, cause it’s full of spoilers. Just go and see it :) Entrance for adult is 12.90 & 6 for kinds, there is a parking lot nearby – you have to validate your parking ticket at the counter to get full discount on parking.)

On Saturday we found ourselves wondering, how to spend the day taking into account that it was unbearably hot outside. We didn’t want to go shopping and museums didn’t sound like much fun for a family time. That’s how we ended up in Malta National Aquarium, where we found both fun sea life and nice, cool atmosphere.

Rays “flying” in the water like some ghosts – were just amazing!

Flying ray

Small sharks swimming above you – so gracious among other fish and perfectly shaped.Small shark in aquarium

This funny little creature – a small ray – just made our day! A floating smile 😀
Floating smile - funny little ray in aquarium

Pinocchio of the fish world – Whitemargin Unicornfish aka fish with funny nose.

Whitemargin Unicornfish - fish with funny nose


Jellyfish sting – what to do?

by Anastasiia Linnas on August 15, 2015, one comment

It must have happened eventually, right? I got stung by a jellyfish. I believed it wouldn’t be something new for me, as I grew up on the shore of the Black Sea, but apparently jellyfish in Mediterranean sea is different and much more unpleasant (read: it hurts soooo *** much!). The jellyfish I met was a Mauve Stinger – one of the most widespread jellyfish near Malta shores.

What to do if you were stung by the jellyfish in Malta?

Jellyfish sting, Malta

Jellyfish like Mauve Stinger has small “hooks” on its tentacles that stack in your skin and keep releasing poison even after you get rid of the jellyfish. (more…)

How to find an apartment for long term rent in Malta

by Anastasiia Linnas on January 25, 2015, no comments


Once you’ve decided to stay in Malta for a bit longer than usual holiday time, you might think of finding an apartment for Long let. In this article I’ll write about:

  • agencies and
  • other options

FYI : Long term rent in Malta is starting from 6 month. Best time for searching for Long lets is a low-season, i.e. October-March.


The best way to get to Malta

by Anastasiia Linnas on January 8, 2015, 2 comments

In the clouds

Rainy season

For sure the quickest way to get to Malta is by plane. There are various airlines flying to Malta, however one needs to spend some time on search of the best prices and dates.

In winter season unfortunately there are less options – a lot of airlines, for example, Air Baltic do not fly to Malta from October till April, or have not regular flights.

First thing you wanna do to find good tickets – check aggregator sites. I won’t recommend Skyscanner, as it doesn’t show low-costs and quite often I wasn’t able to find good deals there. However Momondo works pretty well and has helped us out several times (BTW: check momondo for one-way flights, it’ll give you better options than carrier own web-pages)

So, what are your options?


Winter in Malta : dilemmas

by Anastasiia Linnas on December 22, 2014, no comments

Yacht in Ta' Xbiex

Yacht in Ta’ Xbiex, December

or What should one know when visiting Malta in December

May be it shouldn’t have come as a surprise for me, but I just wasn’t thinking about those details when we decided to try living in Malta. It is December here, and I come across some problems which are very different from the “how to survive in -27°C” type I’m used to. However, I suppose my new problems are more of a “nice to have” kind :)