Bad Malta

Jellyfish sting – what to do?

by Anastasiia Linnas on August 15, 2015, one comment

It must have happened eventually, right? I got stung by a jellyfish. I believed it wouldn’t be something new for me, as I grew up on the shore of the Black Sea, but apparently jellyfish in Mediterranean sea is different and much more unpleasant (read: it hurts soooo *** much!). The jellyfish I met was a Mauve Stinger – one of the most widespread jellyfish near Malta shores.

What to do if you were stung by the jellyfish in Malta?

Jellyfish sting, Malta

Jellyfish like Mauve Stinger has small “hooks” on its tentacles that stack in your skin and keep releasing poison even after you get rid of the jellyfish. (more…)

Why do Estonians choose Malta?

by Anastasiia Linnas on July 5, 2015, no comments

(Written for and published on Estonian World, 18.05.2015)

With its 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Malta should sound like a heaven for Estonians, shouldn’t it? We asked the local Estonian community about the pros and cons of living on this tiny Mediterranean island.

If you search Malta online, all these beautiful pictures and postcards pop-up straight away. You might not believe that, in real life, Malta looks the same, but it does – the water is as azure and pure as it can get, the old cities of Medina, Rabat and Valletta look like decor left from medieval movie set and the cliffs are unapproachable but nevertheless picturesque. The shower of sunlight charges your batteries in no time.

But are those only reasons why Estonians choose to stay in Malta?


Bad Malta and How to Cope with it

by Anastasiia Linnas on May 23, 2015, no comments

I think today I am in the right mood to write about “Bad Malta”. It was a non-pleasant week and although I was trying to stay positive it got through. However, to be fair – the fact that it all was happening in a beautiful setting of Mediterranean island actually decreased degree of annoyance.

So, what unpleasant things can happen to you in Malta…


Likes & Dislikes (part 1)

by Anastasiia Linnas on December 2, 2014, no comments

2 month – that’s not enough time to deeply feel and understand the country, but it’s enough for tourism-euphoria to weaken. That’s the time when you start noticing stuff and behavioural patterns. You understand whether your “love from the first sight” can last, or are there any deal breakers. However, by the end of the day – it’s what you are focusing on that counts.

Me like it…