The plan is that this is gonna be a blog about good & bad Malta, some useful info and tips for those who want to know more about life in Malta.

There might be also my thoughts on different topics, such as entrepreneurship & startups, happiness, traveling. And a lot of photo-stories, of course!

As I have lots of photos & articles from previous years back from Ukraine, Estonia, Sweden etc., I’ll be posting some of my favourites under “Nostalgia” category.

Те же, кто знает русский, могут почитать интересные факты о жизни в Швеции и Эстонииархив моих статей с сайта Корреспондент.нет


All photos in the blog are my own aka (c) Anastasiia Linnas  // Although accidentally some of Andy’s photos might have slipped in…




Ukrainian girl, who tries to find a sweet spot in this world and is usually lost somewhere in a city, SciFi book, internet or own thoughts, whereas the last is least preferable.

Finance and marketing professional with MBA degree according to Linkedin, blogger and photographer according to …well…myself.

Thanks for reading/watching/quickly scrolling through my blog! I’m happy to see you here :) Tell me what would you like to read about in the COMMENTS below!


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