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What is the weather in Malta now? What should I wear and take with me? – one of the first questions my friends usually ask me before coming to Malta. Although for summer months the most frequent question is – how hot is it?

In this blog I’ll try to answer these questions and show some of our with Andy standard outfits for different seasons.

Let’s start from winter.


In Malta there are actually only 2 seasons – Summer (June to October) and Winter (November till May). Buses, ferries and restaurants’ schedules and opening hours usually depend on these 2 seasons.

November is the first winter month in Malta, but could one actually call it winter? One coming from Northern Europe probably couldn’t. Actually November in Malta can be even much more pleasant than June or August in Sweden, or Estonia.

What is good to know is that – winter season here, means rainy season. So if you decide to come to Malta in “winter”, better have your rain jacket with you.


One of the keys is to have several layers, because the weather changes during the day. In the evening Andy would always have a light sweater or pullover and a scarf on top of shirt with long sleeve and jeans or trousers.

Unless you are very unlucky – you would be able to enjoy nice beach weather in November in Malta. There might be several rainy-windy days in a row, but in the end there comes the sun.


If you are in Malta in December, you probably shouldn’t count on going to swim, however that isn’t totally unrealistic expectation, because sea water can still be around 17 degrees, but you can definitely expect to enjoy some sunny days (at least in the beginning of December).  December is a very confusing month, as I have written in one of my previous articles already (Winter in Malta: dilemmas).

In terms of layers – I would suggest adding one more on top of November ones :)

One important thing to consider is that in Malta in winter temperature outside and inside is nearly equal, so think of warm clothes to wear in the apartment (valid throughout winter).


Temperature and humidity inside our apartment


During our first 2 years in Malta, we have experienced one of the coldest (2014-2015) and one of the warmest (2015-2016) ever New Year’s Eves in Malta.

The coldest one might not sound too cold – in the beginning of January 2015 a thermometer was showing approx +2 degrees Celcius, but one should take into account humidity level, that was around 98%. This weather is really really unpleasant and might be even worse than -10 degrees somewhere else. That’s why your normal winter jacket would keep you warm and dry :)


No matter how warm or cold it is here, you should always have your sun glasses with you. Malta has 3000 sunshine hours a year and a lot of those hours come from winter months.


The photo above was taken in January 2016 in Marxaxlokk (fishermen village). The weather was quite nice and by mid day I actually took off at least 2 layers (jacket and sweater) and was enjoying lunch in long-sleeve shirt.


February in Malta is somewhat comparable to December, but sea temperature as well as temperature inside apartment is lower, I would say around 16 degrees for both :)

In our second winter in Malta we had stocked up with blankets, floor rugs, dehumidifiers, electric and gas heaters and managed to keep temperature in the apartment at the level of 18 degrees Celcius.

This year (2016) I actually managed to go for a quick swim on February 14th. I think sea water was around 16 degrees.


By March rain showers are coming to an end, days are very warm, but nights are still chilly.

March in Malta

March in Malta

You should have several layers – T-shirt, Shirt, Pullover, Jacket , sun glasses and probably a cap or sun hat.


If you can’t wait any longer, you need sun and vitamin D and you don’t have anything against wet suit for your water sports – come to Malta in April. I would say that April in Malta is like a good summer day in Estonia or Sweden. It is very warm, but sea temperature is still around 16-17 degrees.

It’s a great time to go sightseeing and to see such places as Blue Lagoon while it is not invaded by tourists.

Don’t forget to take you summer jacket with you. Maltese may not know what that is, but we do ;D


Tada da da… and summer is here!

May is great month for those who prefer slightly cooler temperature than 30+ degrees. Sea water will be around 19-22 degrees – very swimmable :) There are still not that many tourists and walking Maltese towns by foot is still bearable.

Take your summer clothes, swimming suite with you and a light sweater and jeans.

June July August

The very essence of summer in Malta – that hot and dry period! Now we came to the question – how hot is hot?

During these 3 month day temperature in Malta would probably be above 30 degrees. I personally won’t go to the beach from 11:00 to 17:00, because sun is very strong. If you do dare to go out, whether to the beach or for excursion – the absolute musts are:

  • sunscreen (the more SPF the better) – I wouldn’t use less than 30 SPF for face and less than 25 SPF sunscreen for body.
  • sun glasses (the darker the better)
  • swimming glasses (good if they are also shaded)
  • sun hat
  • water – a lot of water! (and something salty in addition)
  • sun umbrella

Summer in Malta

Otherwise take all your bright, colourful, happy, sexy clothes and enjoy summer in Malta!!

The best thing in summer – is that nice warm breeze in the evening!

As you would guess during summer in Malta all places such as hotels, restaurants, offices, shops are fully conditioned and you might also want to sleep with conditioning on at night – so having something slightly warmer to wear might be a good idea.

End of August and beginning of September are also very humid months, a lot of people feel like it is a bit harder to breath – but this feeling usually passes after couple of days.

NB! If you plan to spend a lot of time in the water – I suggest you read this article – Jelly fish sting – what to do?


September is one of my favourite months (and not only because I have Birthday in September). The weather is still super warm and sea temperature is about 25 degrees. There are less tourists already and lampuki (local fish) season comes. Evenings are slightly fresher and one can sleep without conditioning. There might be an occasional rain or a cloud.

One more great thing about September in Malta is that there are still 3 warm and sunny month ahead :)


The weather in October is still great – it’s not that hot anymore and you can once again go for a long walk to explore a town, or a village, or spend full day on the beach.

However some days are rainy and cloudy – so it is good to have something a bit warmer and a rain jacket.

Tip: Take your swimming shoes with you (or buy them here). Since October is not considered to be summer – some of the ladders on stony beaches are taken off and it is more comfy to go into the water in special shoes.

NB! Be aware that there are no lifeguards on the beaches starting from October and no identification of weather conditions are shown (no flags). Sea in October can be a bit rough and in case of a doubt better not to go swimming.

I hope this article was useful :) C u in Malta!

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