Malta Aquarium – a good choice for enjoying couple of hours

by Anastasiia Linnas on August 30, 2015, no comments

Malta National Aquarium

(Don’t read this blog if you are planning to go and see Malta Aquarium, cause it’s full of spoilers. Just go and see it :) Entrance for adult is 12.90 & 6 for kinds, there is a parking lot nearby – you have to validate your parking ticket at the counter to get full discount on parking.)

On Saturday we found ourselves wondering, how to spend the day taking into account that it was unbearably hot outside. We didn’t want to go shopping and museums didn’t sound like much fun for a family time. That’s how we ended up in Malta National Aquarium, where we found both fun sea life and nice, cool atmosphere.

Rays “flying” in the water like some ghosts – were just amazing!

Flying ray

Small sharks swimming above you – so gracious among other fish and perfectly shaped.Small shark in aquarium

This funny little creature – a small ray – just made our day! A floating smile 😀
Floating smile - funny little ray in aquarium

Pinocchio of the fish world – Whitemargin Unicornfish aka fish with funny nose.

Whitemargin Unicornfish - fish with funny nose

The Aquarium is not very big, you would probably spend not more than 2 hours. There is also a nice caffe in the building and a beach club nearby – local Cafe del Mar. If you don’t feel like clubbing/sunbathing – you can take a nice walk along the shore enjoying a fresh juice from Dr. Juice.

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