July in Malta – time of fireworks and feasts

by Anastasiia Linnas on August 2, 2015, no comments

July feast in Sliema, Malta


July is a time of feast in Malta! Literally every day there is a feast in one of the cities or localities all over Malta. Each church and parish has it’s own celebration and people are preparing for the event well in advance. Those feast are one of the most awaited for events for locals in Malta – and they are quite fun for tourists as well.

There are couple of drawbacks though (or advantages, depending on how you look at it):

  • fireworks – every day…every night…every morning, starting as early as 7am.
  • closed roads – you would need to go in circles there and back until you find an open way to your locality if there is a feast going on that day/night

Although these fireworks cause some mild discomfort in the mornings and at night when you try to sleep….it’s still is an unbelievable sight , if you are driving at night, somewhere near Mdina or Dingli and you see all these fireworks around you – sparkling, booming, fizzing all around Malta. And all those churches covered in colourful lights. Really beautiful!

It’s also unbelievable how much money is “fired in the air” – imagine New Years Eve firework every day for 30 days! But people love it, so why not :)

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